Schedule an Appointment with Mr. Leland

Please select an appointment type using the options below.

Class of 2025 Scheduling Appointments: Students with Last Name A-L

Please use this appointment type to schedule a time between February 8th and March 5th to meet with me for incoming freshmen (class of 2025) scheduling appointments. ALL appointments will be online using Zoom and families will receive a Zoom reminder prior to the appointment.

Duration: 15 minutes

Academic Appointment

Course offerings, course planning, graduation requirements, independent study, online courses, etc.

Duration: 15 minutes

Non Academic Appointment

Any need, opportunity or concern to support students in making the most of their high school experience.

Duration: 15 minutes

College Credit Credit Plus Appointment

Learn more about the program, how it may benefit your individual academic goals, discuss next steps to apply.

Duration: 30 minutes

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